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delphi wholesale : ceramic studio program

New Glass Fusing Program for PYOP/Ceramic Studios

You already own a kiln - use it to your advantage by adding glass fusing to your studio.

Glass fusing has become extremely popular in the last few years, and we want to help you take advantage of this growing trend.

Read what other studios are saying about Delphi's new program
I had an awesome day with Denise from Delphi learning about glass! I have had glass in my studio for 3 years and have never had it in the front of my studio for walk in customers. She was extremely helpful showing me different ways to integrate it into my studio. After I left her class, I went right to my studio and started doing all the things I learned there! I will have glass up and running within the week, thanks to her help! You are wonderful Denise!
Natalie - Cafe' Kiln

Natalie Kraemer Stonelake

Delphi - the largest art glass supplies distributor - has introduced a new wholesale program, created specifically for PYOP/Ceramic Studios. The program was designed to help studios generate more revenue and foot traffic by adding glass. Delphi makes is easy and affordable for ceramic studios to add fused glass to their creative offerings!

Whether you are new to glass or have glass in your studio already, learn more about the benefits of the Delphi wholesale program for ceramic studios.

Apply Online or
Download Elite Dealer Application for PYOP/Ceramic Studios (pdf)

Glass Fusing Startup Packages for Ceramic Studios
Terms & Conditions
Frequently asked questions:

Do I need a new glass kiln?

Not necessarily. You can use your ceramic kiln to fire your glass projects, however, having a digital controller on the kiln is a must. Glass is very sensitive to heat, therefore, controlling how fast it ramps up and cools down is very important. We will give you some guidelines that will help you with the firing of your ceramic kiln for glass.

Is fusing glass difficult?

Working with glass is not hard - it takes a little education and practice. Delphi Glass has a how-to video library and offers many other educational resources. In addition, your Studio Package comes with instructions on how to get started, samples, project guides and workshop ideas. You can always contact Delphi Glass Experts at 800-248-2048 to get help with your projects.

How expensive is it to start with glass?

The new Fused Glass Studio Packages were designed specifically for PYOP/Ceramic Studios. There are three plans that make it affordable for studios to add fusing:

  • Packages start at $250, $500 and $850. Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the three packages.
  • Glass sheets come in convenient sizes. In addition to 24"x24" sheets, we also offer 12"x12" squares. This allows for adding many colors without purchasing large sheets of glass. Chips, pebbles and frit are another great way to add color and variety to your studio. We also offer precut glass for quick and easy projects.

How do I set up glass in my studio?

Adding glass to your studio is easier than you may think. Delphi Glass provides the products, and expert support and education to help you get started. Contact Michelle at 800-248-2048 x3021 or [email protected].

I have glass, but it-s not doing well. Can you help me?

We will be more than happy to evaluate your current program at no charge. Following a consultation, we will compile a list of recommendations for you to implement. Contact Michelle at 800-248-2048 x3021 or [email protected].

Once you become a customer of Delphi Glass, you will have ongoing support and exclusive access to the Business Center for PYOP/Ceramic Studios. Support tools within the Business Center include:

  • Videos for employee training
  • Workshops
    • marketing material support
    • studio prep instructions
    • financials
  • Gallery of ideas to inspire you
  • Custom sales tools to promote your business

I offer glass now, but would like to know more about your Ceramic Studio Program and Wholesale Offerings.

With 38 years in the art glass industry, Delphi knows how to provide artisans and businesses like yours, excellent products, services and pricing. Here are just a few reasons to join our wholesale program:

  • Competitive pricing and low minimums
  • No crating or palletizing charges on truck orders
  • No FedEx surcharges
  • Exclusive product lines
  • FREE glass matching service
Delphi Glass offers several levels of wholesale purchasing. Your opening order with Delphi will dictate your wholesale level, however, we will consider the purchasing volume you have had with other glass distributors. Simply provide receipts for the previous six months, and we will assign the applicable pricing tier. Contact Michelle at 800-248-2048 x3021 or [email protected].