Light Fixtures

$44.95 USD
item: 69650
item: 7028BUL
item: 6965PK
item: 69612
item: 48211
LED Display Panel
40 stars [1]
item: 80686
item: 627151
item: 69606
item: 130480
item: 627152
item: 806125
item: 7027PK
item: 4272
item: 806267
item: 7029BUL
item: 627191
item: 702950
item: 5661
item: 7028
item: 63850
item: 7029PK
item: 80687
item: 806127
item: 806126
item: 80689
Add the finishing touch to your glass art. Delphi offers a wide selection of jewelry findings and display stands designed for every glass crafter.

Delphi Tip: The best way to make sure that your glass project fits inside any frame neatly is to first purchase the frame, then adjust the pattern as needed to fit the frame’s opening.

Delphi Makes It Easy: Looking for the latest in jewelry findings or glass displays, see our New Displays & Findings section.