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In today's world Delphi stands out by offering friendly, personalized, and expert service. Our staff knows stained glass, fusing, mosaics and jewelry crafts because we love creating using these techniques. In fact, some of us are even teachers. Here is a sampling of the many questions and comments we have received from you and would like to share with you. Don't be surprised if you discover a letter of your own.

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Reinforcing Stained Glass Windows Comment

by Karina Foster on Oct 18, 2017

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@LeonJBeha a window of this size is in the gray-area of what sort of reinforcement may be necessary or appropriate. The 1/2" zinc border and fixed wood sash mount will do a considerable amount to help protect your art and keep it strong for years to come. If you want the peace of mind of knowing it's reinforced, you can absolutely add reinforcement. Your options are to use reinforcing strip, started at one edge of the panel, worked across to the other border by inserting it into the lead channel as you build up and out. It will meander, but by keeping a continuous strip it helps to disperse the weight. Another option is to use zinc rebar run across the 20" span attached at the borders and tacked at each point it crosses a lead line. If opting to use zinc rebar, most artists find it less visually distracting to install 2 pieces that visually break the artwork into thirds approximately.

System 96 - Common Questions and Answers Comment

by Karina Foster on Oct 18, 2017

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@It is important to avoid mixing 90 COE and 96 COE glass in a project. The COE is a simplified way of expressing the complexities of how the glass expands and contracts as it is heated and cooled, and a difference in the COE number is meant to mean that they expand and contract at different rates, so they pull away from each other at different points in the heating and cooling process. Sometimes the stress from this is enough to immediately cause the project to break, other times the project may look fine initially, but the internal stress will cause the project to break at some point in the future, often unpredictably.

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Delphi offers a huge variety of beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in a wide variety of art glass and jewelry crafts. Classes are offered in different formats, from one 2-1/2 hour session, to all day classes, to multiple week sessions. Browse the schedule below to find the class that's right for you! All classes are in Delphi's state-of-the-art classrooms in our Lansing, Michigan location. Sign up for a class or request more information by calling 800-248-2048 or 517-394-4685.

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