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Kokomo Stained Glass Sheets

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item: K33MS
item: K106NLL
item: K106N
Kokomo Green And Ruby Red Opal
50 stars [1]
Starting at $19.45
item: K88SPL
item: K166
Kokomo Bright Yellow Opal
Starting at $18.95
item: K18F
item: K18LF
item: K164LL
item: K172
item: K225D
Kokomo Red Opalume
Starting at $19.45
item: K111WAV
Kokomo Ruby, Lime And Blue Wave
50 stars [1]
Starting at $19.45
item: 166SPLP
item: K659
item: K808F
item: K605F
item: K627F
item: K663F
item: K865F
item: K618F
item: K122
item: K123
item: K617
item: K11
Kokomo Medium Amber Opal
50 stars [1]
Starting at $9.35
item: K4CLL
item: K617F
item: K163LLG
item: K4SPLP
item: 146SPWV
item: K46SPL
Kokomo Red And Yellow Opal Mix
35 stars [3]
Starting at $19.45
item: K104
Kokomo Amber And Cerise Ruby
25 stars [2]
Starting at $19.45
item: K1257LL
item: K2PB
item: K18DF
item: K18G
item: K18
item: K61SPL
Kokomo More Brown Opal
Starting at $9.35
item: K181G
item: K181F
item: K865
item: K5NLL
item: K33V
Kokomo Clear Vertigo
40 stars [1]
Starting at $9.85
item: K33SB
Kokomo Clear Starburst
50 stars [2]
Starting at $9.35
item: 142SPLV
item: K48
Kokomo Christmas Green Opal
Starting at $9.35
item: K33WAV
Kokomo Clear Wavolite
Starting at $9.35
item: K35
Kokomo Stained Glass is known for its magnificent, rich colors and unique color combinations. It was the glass of choice for Louis Tiffany and his studio. Kokomo is an excellent choice for intricate lamps and beautiful in stained glass panels.