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customer service : common questions

Common Shopping and Ordering Questions

General Questions

Q: What types of supplies do you sell?
A: Delphi offers a wide range of supplies for:
Delphi is constantly adding to the products we have in stock. We look to the art industry, talk to customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and our own Delphi artists and instructors to bring you new supplies. If you have been looking for a product that you just can't find, let us know! Send your requests and suggestions to [email protected]. Delphi is also happy to special order items whenever possible. e-mail [email protected].

Delphi is America's Largest Glass Art Supplier
And our offerings in other creative outlets keep growing too!

Q: I would like to pick up my order at Delphi"s Creativity Center in Lansing, MI, how do I place my order?
A: Now available " pick up orders placed through the website! Please allow 1-2 business days for processing of your order before you plan to pick it up. As always you can also call in any pick up orders. Please contact our storefront staff directly at 517.394.4685 or toll free at 1.800.248.2048 and ask for a store associate for assistance.

Q: Does Delphi have a program to work with businesses or teachers?
A: Yes. Delphi offers Wholesale accounts for businesses as well as educational accounts for teachers and non-profit organizations. Please see or for more information and application.

Q: Where are your sale items?
A: Delphi's Sales Specials are easy to find. In the left side column is a link for Sales Specials. Sale items are broken out by product category to make shopping easy. Some sale items are in limited supply. To find our Clearance items there is a tab found at the right top of any page on our website. Be the first to know about sale specials by signing up for Delphi's E-Mail Newsletter.

Q: Where are your new items?
A: New products are constantly added to Find them at New Products. Click the far left top button from any page on the website. New products are broken out by product category to make shopping easy. Some sale items are in limited supply. You can learn about new products as soon as they are available by signing up for Delphi's RSS Feed or E-Mail Newsletter.

Q: What if I can't find the product I'm looking for?
A: Delphi is happy to special order an item for you. We're known for doing whatever we can to help you find what you are looking for. Call Delphi toll-free at 800-248-2048 or email [email protected].

Q: What if I have a new product idea?
A: Some of our most popular products come from customer ideas! Please send us your ideas - whether it is for a new product or you would like Delphi to carry a product you've found. E-mail [email protected].

Placing An Order

Q: How do I place an order?
A: When you find an item you would like to purchase click the "add to cart" or "Buy" button. This will take you to your shopping cart page, where you can change the quantity, continue shopping or check out. If you are shopping with a catalog, you can easily look up items by entering their item number in the search field at the top of the page.

Q: What is the Express Order Form?
A: Express Order allows you to enter your order quickly by entering item numbers into an electronic form. If you are shopping from a catalog or know the item numbers for the products you want you can quickly and easily enter the item numbers and quantity into the Express Order form. Click "send items to cart" when you are finished and you will be taken directly to the shopping cart. From there you can modify your order, see sale prices, continue shopping or check out.

Q: Will creating an account at make ordering easier?
A: Yes, it will save you the time of reentering your contact information. When you proceed through the checkout you are given the option of creating an account, which saves your contact information. You can create or modify your account at any time. To learn more, visit My Account.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: At, we are committed to protecting your privacy. does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. When you order, we need to know your name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number, and expiration date. This allows us to process and fulfill your order and to notify you of your order status. We may also use the information we collect to notify you about important functionality changes to the website, new services, and special offers we think you'll find valuable. You can also see our entire Privacy Policy.

Q: Is my order information secure?
A: Delphi offer's a Safe Shopping Guarantee. Your credit card information is safe with us! Our 128-bit encryption technology is considered the best available today for secure e-commerce transactions, so that you never have to worry about credit card safety. Period. Read more about our Secure Shopping.

Q: Can I mail in an order with payment?
A: Orders can be mailed to Delphi Creativity Center, 3380 E. Jolly Rd. Lansing, MI 48910. Delphi accepts payment by check or money order. Mail orders may be delayed due to postal service days and processing, please allow extra time for delivery. Click here for a printable Order Form.

Q: What if an item I want is out of stock?
A: Some items are available to be placed on back order, if this is the case it there will be a link that states "Click Here to Backorder" which will add the item to your shopping cart. Sheet Glass that is out of stock will not give the option to back order. Most back orders will be available within a 30 day period. Please contact Delphi if you have questions on a back ordered item.

Q: If something I order is back ordered will the rest of my order still ship out?
A: Domestic Retail orders will have the option at check-out to hold your order to ship complete with the back ordered item(s) or allow the available item(s) to process immediately, sending the back ordered item(s) separately once available. All International orders will automatically hold to ship complete with any back ordered item. All Wholesale orders will hold to ship complete with any back ordered item.

Q: I was told my order was "updated" what does that mean?
A: Updates occur when our system states an item is available yet when our warehouse staff goes to pull the item from our inventory we do not have the stock available to fulfill the order. In the case of an update the is placed on back order to be sent once availavble. You are not charged for items that do no ship. Because we do not back order sheet glass or came, if these items are updated on your order they will be canceled off and will need to be ordered at a later time.

E-Mail Updates

Q: What is Delphi E-mail Newsletter?
A: Our newsletter are created to keep you in touch and up-to-date. It makes you first to know about new products and online exclusive sales on The weekly E-mails also often include free project guides, tips and events at Delphi and in the art community. Sign up for the E-Mail Newsletter and be in the know! Delphi respects your privacy and does not rent or sell your e-mail addresses. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Q: What types of E-mail Newsletters do you offer?
A: Delphi offers different E-mail Newsletters depending on your interests. Currently, we have an email just for stained glass and mosaic enthusiast, another for hot glass fans, and a variety of others. Use the E-mail Account Manager to sign-up or change your E-mail preferences.

Gift Cards

Q: Can I purchase Gift Cards online?
A: Yes. Gift Cards are available in various amounts. Click the following links to order Gift Cards, or search for "gift certificate" in Delphi's search engine. Gift Cards can be printed directly from your computer, or we will mail them to the recipient in vibrant gift envelopes. Gift Cards are redeemable online, by phone or in-store.


Pricing is subject to change without notice.