Merchandise Return Directions

Not So Fun Facts:

Things get broken, things get lost, sometimes things don't work. Here's what to do.

My item appears damaged from shipping: Please don't get mad at your delivery person he/she has likely had a long day. Just give us a call at 800-248-2048 or shoot us an email [email protected] and notify us of the damage. If you can include a photo that is always helpful. We'll contact you promptly with a proposed solution.

My item appears to be defective: Great news, if it is within 30 days of purchase we can help! See the returns form link below. If it is outside the 30 day window most of our power tools come with manufacturer's warranty. If you need help locating contact information, helpful humans are standing by at 800-248-2048.

My item appears to be MIA (missing in action): Please double check against the packing slip included in your box. Sometimes small items are taped to larger items, wrapped inn bubble wrap with other products or placed in a bag for protection. Allow an extra business day for multiple box shipments - they sometimes get separated during the journey. Glass, came, framing stock and large tools and molds often ship in their own boxes with separate packing slips. It's still missing? Call us 800-248-2048 or email us [email protected].


Q: How do I return an item?
A: If you're not happy, we're not happy. As stated above within 30 days of receiving your item, if you are dissatisfied, fill out this handy return form, thoughtfully re-package your items and ship them to Delphi Returns, 3380 E. Jolly Rd., Lansing, MI 48910. Reminder: We cannot accept returns for Glass, Came, Gift Cards, opened CDs, DVDs (are people still watching these?) or software products.

Q: Can I return an item if it is beyond the 30 day policy?
A: Sorry, but no. 30 days is the magic number.

Return Form


Q: How do I order replacement parts?
A: You're halfway there; we offer standard replacement parts on many items which are listed on the website and in the catalog. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we will be happy to try and special order it for you.


Q: How long will it take to process my return?
A: Give us 14 days. If for some reason you have not seen a credit after those two weeks, please call us. Note: Processing times might take longer if there is a holiday, a worldwide pandemic, zombie attack or other natural disaster.

Q: If necessary, how will you refund my money?
A: You get it back the same way you gave it to us, this means posting a credit to the original credit card used or re-issuing a gift card.

Q: What if I don't have a receipt?
A: We look up the original order based on the name of the person, who placed the order. We have the technology!