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$48.95 USD
item: 80178X8
Mini English Muffle Glass Pack
$39.95 $29.00
28% off
item: 5377
item: 5372
item: 4041
item: 5324
Kokomo Stained Glass Value Pack
45 stars [2]
$61.95 $40.00
36% off
item: 5541
item: 8017
item: 5375
item: S5335
item: S5813
item: 5371
item: 3621
item: 8040
item: 5374
item: 8039
item: 4324
item: 4036
item: S8275
item: 5373
item: S5287
item: 5547
item: 3589
Get a variety of stained glass at a great price. Delphi offers a huge selection of glass packs at factory-direct savings, plus our Delphi Exclusive glass packs featuring our most popular colors and styles. Find packs featuring fun color themes or samplers from your favorite manufacturer.

Delphi Tip: Use Manufacturer Sample Sets to quickly reference a color or texture, or to see a glass company’s full line.