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Rainbow DichroMagic Decal Paper

Rainbow DichroMagic Decal Paper

Item# 15380
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Love these decals, August 12, 2018 5 stars
Sturdy. You can cut large pieces without any problems. Color never rubs off.
Sometimes the color is mostly a rust color.
Groovy Tie Dye DichroMagic Decal Paper

Groovy Tie Dye DichroMagic Decal Paper

Item# 15381
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Groovy Tie Dye slide paper, May 8, 2018 1 stars
Not able to use Dissolves into the water Color comes off if touched Folds into self if a piece is bigger than my thumb.
Other Thoughts
I wasn't able to use this decal. When I put the decal in water, part of the decal color dissolved. When I touched it with my fingers it rubbed off the color. I have never in over 15 years had this happen with a Dichromagic slide. The only difference I can see is the back of the paper. This decal says "Injet/Clear waterslide decal paper and my other slides say nothing on the back.
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