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7/32 Black Backed Foil - 1.25 mil

7/32" Black Backed Foil - 1.25 mil

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Foiling Curves, April 16, 2015 5 stars
Great Product. Blends very well with Black Patina and darker colored glass in projects.
Must clean thoroughly to get residue off the glass after soldering.
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This is a great product! I just thought I'd share a tip about foiling on inside curves. I am a stained glass beginner and when I was foiling inside curves the foil would always tear which created a break in the solder line. I got some advice and this may seem old news to the experts but I didn't know about it. Run your finger up and down the inside curve to heat up the foil and it will curve down without breaking. Makes for a much better solder line.
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