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Capture the Season in Glass

If you mention Thanksgiving to someone, it almost certainly evokes immediate and specific memories and imagery. The themes surrounding Thanksgiving are often tied to autumn colors, bountiful harvests, the iconic turkey, as well as feelings of gratitude and togetherness. And football, let’s not forget the football (Go team!). Decorating for the holidays is a wonderful way to slow down, build the sense of anticipation, and honor traditions. Whether you make a special fused glass serving dish, a glass art garland, swag or wreath to dress your home for the occasion, or a unique centerpiece for your table, glass art lends itself to capturing the imagery of the season in a way that can be enjoyed for years to come. Check out our Pinterest Board to find more examples of art that’s perfect for Thanksgiving, and be sure to share your projects in the Online Artist Gallery . Looking for a free project idea? Try creating your own Indian Corn Fused Dish with our Project Guide.

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Have a Blast in Your Own Delphi Glass Private Party Class!

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Do you want to have a girls’ night but you don’t want to shout over the din at the bars? Perhaps your birthday is coming up and you want to do something special. Or, maybe you’re looking for a unique date-night idea for you and your love. While Delphi Glass always has a full class schedule , you can also make reservations for your own private Delphi Glass class or party.   If you learn better one-on-one, this is a fantastic new option for you. If you’d prefer to learn a new craft in the company of your favorite friends, it makes for the perfect bonding experience. While all Delphi Glass classes require you to sign up for them and can fill up fast, when you create your own private party class, it’s your call from a choice of available dates. Simply call us at 800-248-2048 to speak to our friendly team about scheduling a party today.   Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, church or work groups, or for any special occasion, even making it a surprise for a friend or loved one, these private parties at Delphi Glass make being creative even more fun and exciting. Choose from reserving a private a la car

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New Help Comments

Reinforcing Stained Glass Windows Comment

by blackst on Jan 03, 2019

10 Posts

@eugeneosentoski You don't how large is the piece? Round? Square? Commercial frame or self-made? GENERALLY, you won't need extra reinforcing but it will depend on the size/shape of the piece and quality of the frame

Reinforcing Stained Glass Windows Comment

by eugeneosentoski on Dec 10, 2018

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I am making a copper foiled glass piece that will go into a wooden frame. I will mount the copper foiled glass with 1/4 inch strips of wood that will be tacked to the frame. Will it be necessary to add came around the edges for support or will the wooden sandwich of the frame and the 1/4 in strips be enough support? Thanks.

Product Reviews

Top Tools Strip Cutter

by nathan w on January 19, 2019

1 stars

Cut strips and squares quickly.


The cutter head doesn't cut in a straight line usually at the beginning of every single cut. cutter head also shits depending on which direction the tool is traveling on the rail. machining is of very poor quality. Binds up and must be taken apart to fix frequently.

Other Thoughts

it could have been an great tool, but its just not doing what its was supposed to.


Beautiful Color. Should always be capped with clear.


It fires very thin. It also divitrified during contour fuse.

Other Thoughts

Now that I know the problems, I will continue to use but always cap it with clear. Afraid to use in a casting mold.