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The Countdown Begins: Glass Getaway

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I know it’s only March, however, I can’t help but think about summer. Maybe that’s because here in Michigan the snow seems never-ending and just thinking about summer makes me feel better. Hard to say. Anyway, have you given your summer much thought yet? We have a genius idea! Two words. Glass Getaway! Sounds amazing right? Okay, this is new so let me explain. As some of you may know we have 3 classrooms, however, we don’t typically run classes every day but that is about to change. June 22nd - June 30th we will have an event, class, or demo running in every classroom. For a total of 4 stained glass, 9 fusing, 6 flameworking, 3 mosaic classes and more. Now let’s talk details, shall we? June 22nd we kick off Glass Getaway with our FREE Fusing Forum Event. Then, starting Sunday, June 23rd we will have 25 class options and 5 guest instructors - don't miss Joy Munshower, Cathy Claycomb, Kent Lauer, Tim Drier and John Ferrando. Have I convinced you yet? If that wasn’t enough the nice people at Best Western of Okemos have agreed to drop their standard room rate of $147 down to $86 a night! Plus that includes a FREE shuttle ri

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Wanna Heat Things Up In Your Studio?

Finding your perfect match can seem daunting, let us help play matchmaker by highlighting the traits that will help you fall head-over-heels for a kiln – then stay happy together for years to come. Here’s the short list of questions to ask when you’re looking for that special kiln. What size of projects do you want to make? (Leave room to grow together!) How much space do you have for a kiln? What are the electric requirements (plug type, wire gauge)? What features are important to you? What is your budget? Let’s face it – sometimes size really does matter. We’re talking kilns here people! It’s important to know where your kiln will fit in your life, creative pursuits, and space. The heartbreak of outgrowing your kiln is something we see all too often. While it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll be into a year or more down the road, it’s best to consider all your options now. Do you see something that excites you? Choose a kiln with enough room to fit the biggest mold you’re interested in, plus a few inches to spare. The next consideration is space – how will you

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Using Bevel Clusters Comment

by Thumpyermagik on Sep 12, 2020

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@comments4. Thank you, you answered my exact questions. I've already trimmed and numbered my cluster and centered it on the template but I was struggling with whether or not to tack solder. Now I can go ahead, validated by your comment, great confidence builder. I've worked in stained glass for years but never did anything with a bevel so getting answers to my exact questions was great, thanks!

Glass Fusing Comment

by Susan H. on Aug 08, 2020

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I'm using 96 Spectrum glass.

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Double sparkle


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With your first use of double bevels, you will love the extra sparkle added to each piece. One of my designs have 18 double bevels plus cobalt blue stain glass -- is absolutely gorgeous! You will pay a little more for double bevels, but you will never go back to regular.

1" square bevel

by Debra K on September 25, 2020

5 stars


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