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bevels Sample Products for bevels
Soaring Eagle Bevel Cluster
Bevel Max Studio Beveling System
solder Sample Products for solder
Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron
Canfield 60/40 Solder - 1 lb.
frit Sample Products for frit
Bullseye Frit Assortment, 12 pack - 90 COE
Bullseye Frit Sampler - 90 COE
molds Sample Products for molds
Wine Rack Mold
Curved Neck Bottle Slumper
flux Sample Products for flux
Kwik-Clean Flux Cleaner - 16 Oz
Classic 100 Gel Flux - 8 Oz
kiln Sample Products for kiln
Delphi EZ-Pro 15-6 Kiln with TAP Controller
Delphi EZ-Pro 15-6 Kiln
glass Sample Products for glass
Bullseye Mega 45 lb. Glass Pack - 90 COE
Ultimate Stained Glass Start-Up Kit
foil Sample Products for foil
JIM-EZE Foil Pattern Shears
Studio Pro Foil Shears
grinder Sample Products for grinder
Glastar All Star G8 Grinder
Crystalmaster Pro 12 Lap Grinder Kit
came Sample Products for came
Dragonfly Cameo Jewelry Casting Mold
Angel Cameo Mold
stringers Sample Products for stringers
CBS Rainbow Dichroic On Black 1mm Stringers - 96 COE
0.5mm Stiff Black Opal Stringers - 90 COE
bevel Sample Products for bevel
Soaring Eagle Bevel Cluster
Bevel Max Studio Beveling System
lead came Sample Products for lead came
Spooled Lead - 5/64" Round U Came
3 lb Spooled 3/16" Round U Lead Came
patina Sample Products for patina
Novacan Black Patina For Lead And Solder - 8 Oz
Super Brite Copper Patina For Solder - 8 Oz
96 coe Sample Products for 96 coe
Dragonfly Millefiori Assortment - 96 COE
Dragonfly Fusible Pre-Cut Assortment 3 Pack - 96 COE
decals Sample Products for decals
Celtic Knot Fun Black Enamel Decals
Bird on Branch Black Enamel Decals
patterns Sample Products for patterns
4 Hot Patterns Ceramic Texture Tile Mold
DichroMagic Laser Patterns Sample Set On Thin Black - 90 COE
grinders Sample Products for grinders
Nick's Grinders Mate
Recirculating Submersible Pump for Lap Grinders
kilns Sample Products for kilns
16" Kiln Stand For 14" Kilns
Delphi EZ-Pro 15-6 Kiln with TAP Controller
wire Sample Products for wire
Omni-2 Plus Wire Saw
Wire Wrapping Beginner Kit
dichroic Sample Products for dichroic
1 lb CBS Specialty Dichroic Scrap - 96 COE
1 lb Dichroic Combo Scrap - 96 COE
zinc Sample Products for zinc
1/4" Adjustable U Zinc - 22 lbs. Box
1/2" Adjustable U Zinc - 22 lbs. Box
coe 96 Sample Products for coe 96
Oceanside Compatible Color Medley Glass Pack - 96 COE
Wondrous Waterfall Glass Pack - 96 COE
zinc came Sample Products for zinc came
1/4" Adjustable U Zinc Came - Strip
1/2" Adjustable U Zinc Came - Strip
mold Sample Products for mold
Geometric Beads Mold
Small Ring Beads Mold
kiln paper Sample Products for kiln paper
Papyros Kiln Shelf Paper Commercial Roll 41" x 250 Feet
Bullseye Thinfire Shelf Paper 20-1/2" Sheet - 100 Pack
red glass Sample Products for red glass
Oceanside Cherry Red Transparent Waterglass
Oceanside Ruby Red Transparent Waterglass
kiln shelf Sample Products for kiln shelf
12" Full Kiln Shelf
Papyros Kiln Shelf Paper Commercial Roll 41" x 250 Feet
wissmach Sample Products for wissmach
Wissmach Mystic Burgundy with Dark Blue and White
English Muffle Scottish Heather
morton Sample Products for morton
Morton System Start-Up Kit
Morton Portable Glass Shop
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