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art educators : delphi arts in education program

Delphi Arts In Eduction Program

We Love to Give Back!

To support art education Delphi returns a percentage of our yearly profit to schools elementary to collage by donating tools and supplies. If your school has a need tell us about your students and share your story. Sent them our way at [email protected] We have provided glass and supplies for students from Elementary to College. To support art in our schools, Delphi returns a percentage of our profits each year to benefit art education programs. Through teacher and student instructional support, donations and project assistance, we are all giving students the chance to be creative. Thank you for helping Delphi share the gift of creativity.

Spotlight on Delphi Arts in Education Recipient - Christian Life Acadmy

Stained Glass Art ProgramDelphi provided tools and supplies to Christian Life Academy in Seneca, PA. The students in the stained glass program continue to impress us with their enthusiasm for glass. Among their accomplishments are a large mosaic of an oil well than now hangs in the Titusville Oil History Museum, a mosaic of Amish quit designs for the Pennsylvania Heritage Program and the restoration of a glass panel for the Music Museums in Franklin, PA. In recognition of these contributions, their teacher Darlene Fescenmyer received the Historic Preservation Award. Congratulations to you and your students Darlene!

"Thank you for all you have meant to me and for all the support you have given me during my teaching adventure… Our school did not have any finances for a stained glass program."
- Darlene Fescenmyer Christian Life Academy, Seneca, PA

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