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art educators : getting started in jewelry

Getting Started in Jewelry

Silver Jewelry Clay Getting Started

What Is Silver Jewelry Clay?
  • A mixture of tiny particles of silver, a binding agent and water. Once you sculpt and form it, the clay is fired to burn out organic binders, leaving behind 99.99% pure silver.
  • A clay without much shrinkage: finished pieces only shrink by about 8 to 10% of the original design size.
  • Fire the clay with either a hand-held micro torch or a small kiln, depending on the size of your project.


    Delphi artist
    Karina Foster
    used rubber stamps
    and texture plates
    to create these designs in silver.

    Imagine A New Type of Silver
    Soft enough to shape and mold like modeling clay - that turns into genuine silver after firing. All without complex and expensive forging and casting equipment! It's no myth: it's a real material that's absolutely fun and fascinating to work with. Just mold the clay, let it dry, do final shaping, then fire, polish, and wear!

    As Easy As A-B-C!
    Roll clay on texture sheets
    for a gorgeous result
    Stamp your clay for easy designs

    Beadmaking Getting Started

    Beadmaking Steps

    1. Warm glass in flame.
    2. Evenly wrap the molten and glowing glass around a mandrel.
    3. Continuosly roll the mandrel and bead in the flame to shape it.
    4. Hold the bead at an angle and roll it against the marver edge to bevel the end.
    5. Place the bead and mandrel between the layers of fiber blanket to cool. This very important step keeps your bead from breaking

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