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art educators : getting started in mosaics

Getting Started in Mosaics


Glue & Grout - Direct Method Mosaics
Glue & grout is a simple process to mosaic just about anything.
You'll need some basic tools, the object you want to mosaic, glass, tile, or other materials to mosaic with, and a good dose of imagination!
For example, this lamp was created using the glue and grout technique (also known as direct method.)

1. Get the tools and supplies necessary to make your project.
2. Glue pieces (cut or precut) onto chosen surface.
3. Grout. Use gloves to protect your hands.
4. After about 1/2 hour, wipe project clean.
5. Display!

Poured Cement - Indirect Method Mosaics
The poured cement process (also called the indirect method) is how you can make mosaic items using molds.
Stepping stones are the most popular form of poured mosaics, but you can also get molds for coasters, picture frames, benches, bricks and even birdbaths! To create a poured mosaic item, you will need a mold (reusable), pattern, glass, (check out our pre-cuts), cutting and shaping tools, assembly tape, cement and possibly cement colorants.

1. Choose pattern, glass and appropriate mold (molds are reusable).
2. Cut pattern with mosaic shears.
3. Cut and shape glass.
4. Lay glass on pattern and cover with Mosaic Mount.
Coat mold with release and lay glass in mold, glass facing up.
5. Mix and pour FlashCrete.
6. Wait for FlashCrete to dry (1 hour) and release brick.

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