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art educators : success stories

Success Stories

Looking for a unique fundraiser or community project?
Check out These Inspiring Success Stories Below or Give Delphi a Call!

Stained Glass Combines with Environmental Science Curriculum with Great Success

Carla Rody, a science teacher at Cross Creek School in Pompano Beach, Florida, creatively combined environmental science with art glass to motivate and inspire her students to learn. Students research an endangered species, write a report and then create a glass likeness of that animal in stained glass or mosaics.

The program has been so successful the students have formed a business called "Lagniappe Art Glass." Students create and sell environmentally themed stepping stones and mosaic murals and use the funds earned for an end of the year trip to Disney World. They have also adopted several charity organizations that help endangered species and donate art works to their annual auctions. Several of the students have competed in local art completions and won ribbons and trophies for their glass world.

Mrs. Rody's class writes: "This class has helped us in lots of ways. Mrs. Rody is doing her Master's degree practicum on the benefits of the class: drop-out prevention, better daily attendance, improved self-esteem, better over-all behavior, sense of accomplishment, and life skills learning."

Carla Rody says, "Giving students some old fashioned hands-on learning has really helped their grades, self-esteem, and their creative natures."
Way To Go Mrs. Rody!

Stained Glass Helps Youths At Risk Become Winners At Life

Mark Hubbard, Intensive Learning Center instructor at the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home in Kalamazoo, Michigan says "students beg to get into a stained glass class." They now offer 7 stained glass classes, plus hold annual field trips to Delphi and compete in our Annual Art Glass Festival (see one student proudly showing his winning art work below).

The instructors believe the students benefit most form learning to follow directions, helping others and developing good self esteem. Mr. Hubbard sums it up

"Stained glass has been highly motivational for most of my students. They have developed skills as well as their self-esteem."
Mark Hubbard, Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home, Kalamazoo, MI

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