Delphi Glass and Janet Schrader
Janet Schrader

About Janet Schrader

Janet Schrader has been working with glass since 1979 and started experimenting with glass fusing around 1988 when she found some dichroic glass. This inspired a line of jewelry sold nationwide.

Janet has won both local and national competitions for her stained glass, jewelry, and fused glass art. Always wanting to find something exciting and different to do with glass has kept her creating and developing new designs and one-of-a-kind works of art. The same desire for something new has lead her to write 14 glass design and instruction books with CKE Publications. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with others through her teaching.

Janet teaches warm glass classes all over the United States and has been to Australia to teach. A strong believer in continuing education, and in bringing as much knowledge as possible to her students, she studies with other glass artists that are experts in her field. Currently she is studying the "Miriam Di Fiore Technique" of landscape art in glass, traveling to the tiny village of Mornico Losana, Italy to work in Miriam's studio. It is a very challenging but rewarding technique that she hopes to bring to her students in the near future.

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