How to Use the G2 Bottle Cutter

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Published: December 22, 2010
Learn all about the new G2 Bottle Cutter. Its lightweight design allows you to easily score and separate discarded bottles and jars in just 3 easy steps. Bottles of varying shapes and sizes can be turned into sculptures, vases, votive holders and more!
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  • comments3 Jan 08, 2013

    @noitte Safety is always a number one concern for our staff as well as our crafters and customers. The action of breaking the bottle happens while it is submerged under water therefore minimizing the risk. We have passed along these comments and concerns to our vendor as well. Thanks for commenting, keeps us on our toes!

  • noitte Jan 08, 2013

    PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU ARE EVEN MONITORING YOUR WEBSITE, PLEASE RE-DO YOUR HOW TO VIDEO! This is NOT how to do ANYTHING with glass! Lesson number one, step number one... put on SAFETY GLASSES! This cannot be stressed enough!

  • soarswitheagles Jan 02, 2013

    Actually I am quite surprised that a company of such high calibur as Delphi would allow a video with such a terrible mistake (as in not wearing eye protection) would allow the video to be showing on their website for over two years. It should either be done over, correctly, or removed. The pros need to be the example. Not do as I say, not as I do.

  • soarswitheagles Dec 31, 2012

    Very informative. However, I would also like to second the idea that you must not value your eyes. That is a beginner's mistake. What were you thinking?

  • huldagu Apr 21, 2012

    Thank you for that video, easier than I thougt. Now I will try.

  • Dec 30, 2011

    Wow, you don't value your eyes much. NO SAFETY GLASSES.

  • bayoubrenda Jan 14, 2011

    please help- how do i assemble the g2 bottle cutter??? thank you, Brenda randolph [email protected]

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