Stained Glass Scene 2022 #FacebookLive

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Published: November 22, 2022
This is a day was dedicated to the lovely art of stained glass. We featured 3-4 technique specific sessions that cover tips for beginners and inspirational ideas, as well as something for those already skilled in the craft. Introduction to Stained Glass: Have you always wanted to know more about the art of stained glass? This presentation will show you how stained glass creations are made. Get a brief introduction to the materials and tools necessary for creating these beautiful works of art. Painting with Enamels: See how to use enamel paints to enhance and elevate your stained glass panels. Daisy will show you how to use enamels, how to fire them in a kiln, and how to add them to your copper foil projects to create unique pieces of glass. Creating Your Own Patterns: Roy will show you how easy it is to create your own stained glass patterns. You don't need to be an artist to convert clip art into stained glass suncatchers or even panels. Find out how to add break lines for ease of cutting and aesthetics. Quick Pre-cut Holiday Gifts: Need a stained-glass gift in a hurry? Pre-cut kits are a great way to make beautiful projects in a short amount of time. See the best way to construct these kits using hobby came and solder. Topics will include how to apply wires, attach to twisted wire, and working with u shaped lead came.
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    Adding Zinc and Handy Hangers to Round Panels #FacebookLive

    Learn from Roy and Daisy how to create a zinc frame to round and oval panels. Plus, see how to add Handy Hangers to them.

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    Studio Pro Smoke Absorber

    Hear from our stained glass expert Roy why he loves the Studio Pro Smoke Absorber. We're sure it will be your favorite too!

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    Breda Glass Nippers

    Hear from our glass expert Roy Kapp as to why these are top notch nippers. Why we love them as why they will last for years to come.

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    Drop Rings #FacebookLive

    We are talking about slumping with drop rings. Roy and Val talk about firing schedules, glass thickness and firing schedules. They also show how to create your own custom drop ring molds.

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    Draping Glass #FacebookLive

    We are talking about draping glass over fusing forms. Learn how to measure, create a base and more!

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    Creating Stained Glass Mirrors

    In this Facebook live video we are talking about creating a stained glass mirror. Roy and Val walk you through of process of cutting your mirror, sealing it, creating the boarder and assembly. Shop supplies shown in this video.

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    Copper Foil Overlay #facebooklive

    In this video we are talking about copper foil overlay for stained glass. Roy and Daisy walk you through of process with tips and tricks along with a how-to demo.

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    Raking #FacebookLive

    See how tRoy and Val comb designs in glass when the temperature is approximately 1650 - 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Heart Paperweights #FacebookLive

    Watch Izzy and Roy create a heart paperweight using our furnace.

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    Measuring and Cutting Glass for Your Fusing Molds

    We often get asked “How do you measure your molds for your glass?“. So we will be talking about just that! Roy and Val show a variety of molds and how we figure out what size glass you’ll need.

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    Silhouette Mosaics #FacebookLive

    Looking for a really fun and simple mosaic? Roy and Val share how to create a mosaic focal point without doing the entire surface. They cover tools, nipping as well as grouting.

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    Stained Glass Boxes & Hinges #FacebookLive

    Want to create your own custom stained glass box? Roy and Val show you how to construct, assemble and work with the tubes and rods. Stained Glass Boxes book: Box Supplies:

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    Glass Ornaments #FacebookLive

    Watch Val make a glaskolben ornament as well as boro icicles on the torch. Then watch Roy will blow a glass ornament using our furnace.

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    Lead Came #FacebookLive

    Learn about lead came basics. Roy and Daisy will walk you through of process as well as show a few demos.

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    Working with Texture Molds #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val as they talk about different ways to use them. Listed below are the firing schedules we used. Ramp / Temperature / Hold Time Roy's Firing Schedule: Segment 1: 300 / 1000 / 40 mins Segment 2: 200 / 1225 / 1 hour 30 mins Segment 3: 150 / 1470 / 12 mins Segment 4: 9999 (FULL) / 900 / 1 hour 30 mins Val's Firing Schedule: Segment 1: 250 / 1000 / 1 hour Segment 2: 200 / 1225 / 1 hour Segment 3: 250 / 1440 / 14 mins Segment 4: 9999 (FULL) / 900 / 1 hour 30 mins

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    Painting with Glassline Pens #FacebookLive

    In this video we are talking about glass painting with Glassline Pens. Roy and Val as they show you how to use them and how to incorporate them into more than just fused projects.

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    Turn on Your Creativity with the Studio Pro LED Light Pad

    A good light box is a necessity for every glass artist. Use it for tracing patterns, marking patterns on glass, or English Method glass cutting as well as comparing glass samples to pick colors. Sleek thin profile design measures 1/4" high and has a generous 23-5/8" x 15-3/4" acrylic tracing surface. Smart design allows you to control the brightness, simply hold the power button to adjust ultra bright-LED lights! Convenient wall mount plug in.

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    Creating with Bullseye Holly Berry Glass #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val will show you how to cut it and use it for both fusing and stained glass.

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    Working with Patinas #FacebookLive

    Dive into using patinas on stained glass projects. Roy and Val will show you how to use each as well and tips and tricks.

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    Working with Color Slide #FacebookLive

    In this video we are talking about how to use color slide to add colorful imagery to your artwork.

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