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Glaskolben Kit

Flameworking Tools & Supplies

Wheeled Glass Nippers Wheeled Glass Nippers
A Great Time Saver for Nipping Glass Now even a beginner can create beautiful glass mosaics. Use for easy and fast cutting of sheet glass, smalti, Venetian glass tiles, ceramic tile and small porcelain tiles too!  The cushioned grip and spring-return opening features make even big projects a breeze. A multi-purpose tool - bead makers use this handy tool to quickly nip their rods in to shorter pieces. Nippers measure 8" long. Delphi Tip: Use wheeled nippers to easily cut glass... more more info
Product Features
  • Quick and simple - just place the glass in between the wheels and squeeze the handle
  • No glass artist should be without these nippers - use for nipping glass strips, rods, and tiles!
  • Create a multitute of shapes, just adjust the angle of the nippers to the glass

item: 7335
Hot Head Bead Making Kit
40 stars [8]
$144.95 $129.95
$15.00 off
item: 40423
Creation Station
50 stars [3]
$99.95 $93.95
$6.00 off
item: 916149
item: 425632
Fireworks Bead Making Kit
40 stars [6]
$119.95 $99.95
17% off
item: 2039
item: 63999
Frit Sifter
45 stars [9]
$44.95 $39.95
$5.00 off
item: 63998
Aanraku Frit Piston
35 stars [9]
$49.95 $43.95
$6.00 off
item: 92803
1" Thick Fiber DuraBlanket
50 stars [1]
Buy 3 or more for $15.25 ea
item: 91605
item: 425707
item: 8653
item: 916150
item: 88001
Bead Liner Tool
50 stars [1]
item: 6996
item: 45102
item: 425723
item: 306005
item: 75805
item: 103200
Scoring Knife
50 stars [2]
item: 332216
item: 4353
item: 63991
item: 69720
Tool Pouch
40 stars [2]
item: 54201
item: 62605
item: 75532
item: 75527
item: 4355
item: 75524
item: 425724
item: 4511458
item: 156805
item: 86513
item: 91601
item: 75504
item: 75803
item: 45105
item: 93050
item: 755003
item: 8652
item: 93051
item: 79012
Delphi offers a wide selection of lampworking tools and supplies. Glass bead artists can find everything from mandrels and bead release to innovative glass tools and important torch safety supplies like didymium glasses.

Delphi Tip: Delphi's Glass Experts are always searching for the latest tools and supplies. See our New Flameworking Products.