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Bullseye Clear, White Streaky - 90 COE
50 stars [5]
Starting at $15.95
item: B2105F
item: B32033F
item: B3501F
item: B2109F
item: B20473F
item: B231230
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item: B20263F
item: B334521
item: B302630
item: B31263F
item: B2302F
item: B30801B
item: B30614A
item: B80108A
item: B20643F
item: B22123F
item: B2112F
item: B33343F
item: B304521
item: B304530
item: B334530
item: B214031
item: B214030
item: B297130
item: B225030
item: B2121F
item: B21163F
item: B3123F
item: B21643F
item: B2124F
item: B31003G
item: B214630
item: B217630
Streaky glass from Bullseye Glass combine two to six colors of transparent and opalescent glass to create a vibrant wash of color for any project.