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Torches & Accessories

Bottled Propane Regulator Bottled Propane Regulator
Ready to move up to a hotter torch? You'll need both this propane and oxygen regulator (item# 156303) for your bench torch. The regulator monitors and reduces high cylinder pressure to suitable working level. Also recommended Flashback Arrestors (item#199023).... more more info
Product Features
  • Monitor and control propane flow to your burner for a safe workshop
  • One gauge monitors propane pressure from tank
  • One gauge monitors and controls propane pressure for output
  • Designed for exceptional accuracy and rugged dependability
  • Shatter-resistant gauge lenses and laminated neoprene diaphragm for years of durable service

item: 7335
Hot Head Bead Making Kit
40 stars [8]
$144.95 $129.95
$15.00 off
item: 40423
Creation Station
50 stars [3]
$99.95 $93.95
$6.00 off
item: 425632
Fireworks Bead Making Kit
40 stars [6]
$119.95 $99.95
17% off
item: 7329
item: 156303
Oxygen Regulator
50 stars [1]
item: 7343
item: 156304
item: 3475
item: 3472
Midrange Bench Burner
$294.95 $279.93
$15.02 off
item: 3474
item: 3471
item: 7341
item: 117712
item: 1562
item: 425704
item: 4353
item: 425701
item: 1664
Quick Connect
item: 4355
item: 97903
A glass torch is essential for all flameworking projects. See our best selling Internal Mix Torches, like the Hot Head, and Surface Mix Torches, like the Minor Bench Burner. We make it easy to equip your torch with discount kits and time-saving accessories.

Delphi Tip: Looking for more torchwork supplies? Delphi has Glass Annealers and Flameworking Tools & Supplies.