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Safety & Didymium Glasses

Bicolor Split Lens Glasses - 4 and 8 Shade Bicolor Split Lens Glasses - 4 And 8 Shade
$142.95   $119.93
Two Glasses In One These glasses are designed for professional glass workers. Split lenses give you two shades in one, giving you more flexibility in front of the flame. Sturdy industrial plastic frame with attached side shields. Top 1/3 Green Welding with a shade of 4.0. Bottom 2/3 Green Welding with a shade of 8.0. A #8 shade is extremely dark and appropriate for most hot glass work, including most quartzwork. Image courtesy of manufacturer.... more more info

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Protect your eyes from the bright light of the glass torch. Tinted safety glasses will provide you the extra UV and IR protection you need when looking into the flame. Boroscope Safety Glasses allow you to see into the hotter flame required for Borosilicate work.

Delphi Tip: Find heat resistant gloves and surfaces in our Safety Supplies section.