Ann Rush

Ann Rush

Ann Rush is an Artistic Coach, a Jewelry Artisan and a Senior Level Instructor for Art Clay Silver. A resident of Spring, Texas, she designs and creates jewelry using gemstones, Fine and Sterling Silver at her home studio, "Silver Rush". Ann teaches individual and group classes at her house in Spring; these include Art Clay Silver, glass fusing, metal smith techniques, and beading. She also teaches long-term classes in both Beginning and Advanced Art Clay Silver techniques at the Art League of Houston, In addition, she leads workshops on a variety of techniques at The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Her journey into jewelry design and instruction has been aided by and even "spurred on" by her experiences as a Middle School Science teacher.The qualities of metal clay and fused glass and her fascination with the scientific processes involved with each, actually lead her to discover her own artistic ability.She has had a wonderful time experimenting and creating her own techniques and projects for metal clay, glass, and other jewelry related topics.

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Fused Stained Glass Pendant

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention , and sometimes invention comes when you have nothing to lose. Early in my career, I had three metal-clay-and-fused-glass pendants fail in a single day. The glass cabochons simply shattered and fell away from the silver after the pieces were fired because I had neglected to cut an expansion hole underneath the cabochons. Augghh! Lesson learned. But now I was left with three ugly pieces of silver, each with small pieces of glass permanently fused into bizarre locations on the surfacea loss I could not afford. Weeks later, after tryingunsuccessfully to remove the glass, I decided to try fusing glass in patterns onto the surface of the pendants. The results were surprising, and the Stained Glass process was born This technique begins with any fired metal clay with a flat surface. Small shards of fusible glass are then attached to the silver. After cooling, Metal Clay Syringe Type is applied around the glass surface to encase the glass, and the pendant is fired again. The resulting pendant can even be placed in a tumbler without damaging the glass! However, if the glass is not encased with syringe work, the two dissimilar mater

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