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10 Tips for Creating a Custom Booth on a Budget

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Here are a few rules to follow when creating your custom booth: 1. Your vehicle size determines your booth dimensions when it is broken down . I cannot tell you how common it is that someone creates a booth that will not fit into their car or van! 2. Keep it simple smooth, clean lines in all wall coverings and table treatments is the current look. Simplicity is key. 3. Dont use materials for your display that will distract from your product line. 4. Keep the opening of your booth at least 6 feet wide (7 to 8 feet is even better). You need people to enter your booth before they will buy. Narrowed-down openings say, dont come in! resulting in less customers entering your booth. 5. Use multiple levels in your display . The more levels you create and display your work on, the more interest you create from the aisleprompting customers to enter your space. 6. Remember, a picture says a thousand words. Put this adage to work for you. Show with large photos in your booth what you dont always get a chance to say. For example, how your functional pottery will look on the Thanksgiving Day table. 7. Use lots of light. Make sure that your booth is we

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