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Diamond Tech Crafts

Where We Were Then Diamond Tech’s founder and CEO, Dan F. Daniels, has a firm belief that a creative life brings people towards inner growth as creative thoughtful individuals and tolerant caring members of a community. He has strived in every aspect of his business life to work towards these goals by fostering the creative arts through mosaics, glass fusing, lampworking and stained glass.   With over 30 years in the glass arts industry, he created Diamond Tech. For 15 years Diamond Tech manufactured products for the stained glass industry; then in 1998 we entered the craft market with Jennifer’s Mosaics a complete line of mosaic glass, tools and supplies.   In the years that followed, Diamond Tech added such popular brands as Studio Pro, Fuseworks, Fireworks and KraftyBlok to its line of glass crafting products. Jennifer's Mosaic products have won Crafts and Craftrends Awards of Excellence and in 2008 Fuseworks won a CHA Innovation Award.   Where We Are Today Today, Diamond Tech is the place to find and discover the country’s best quality stained glass, hot glass and mosaic tools, and accessories. We value our customers and we will bring only the best quality products at the best possible value. Diamond Tech understands the needs of our customer and constantly strives to acknowledge and fulfill those needs in every possible way.   Diamond Tech is very proud to be a contributing factor to the promotion of the creative arts industries. We look forward to contributing to a better world through crafts.

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Glass Fusing Q&A

No oneknowstheexactorigins of glass fusing although there is evidence that the Egyptians were familiar withrudimentary techniques. The Romans however arenoted by scholars for developingrefined glass fusing skills. Although technology has changed the way modern glass fuserswork,the technique isessentially the same as those developed by the Romans centuries ago. The basic technique involvesstacking two or morelayers of fusible glass, which are then placed in a kiln and gradually heated to between 1450-1500 Fahrenheit.At these temperatures the layers of glass fuse, or melt together and become one. Unfortunately, glass kilnsare large andexpensive,whichkeeps most Hobbyists from pursuing this art form. Now there are new kiln options, including the The Fuseworks Microwave Kiln . This device works in most household microwaves and can fuse glass in about 3 minutes. Here are some common questions we get on fusing in this modern-day kiln. The following are Q A complied by Diamond Tech , the manufacturer of Fuseworks Microwave Kiln for the purpose of helping current users be successful, and to aid in the decision making of those considering the purchase of a microwave kiln.

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