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Since its inception, the focus of The Flow has been to provide a bond among members of the lampworking community. This has been accomplished by developing relationships with the finest artists & sharing their techniques with you through in-depth, step-by-step tutorials. In every issue you can enjoy great content with the hottest artists and cutting edge techniques using the latest industry products. These features along with the continuation of our Women in Glass edition, Glasscraft Emerging Artist Awards, inspiring gallery showcases, dynamic general interest articles, as well as health and safety information make The Flow the leading international lampworking journal.

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The Colorado Project 2010

Events and Contests
July 17 and 18, 2009, saw a unique event in Colorado lampworking history. The Colorado Project, a nonprofit organization committed to building the glass community through philanthropy, held its first annual event in Denver, Colorado. Shack Man Glass Studio in conjunction with Glasscraft, Inc., hosted the two-day event. People from all over the country came to participate and show support. Glass Artists with a Mission The purpose of the event was to create a collaborative glass art installation consisting of a four-foot-by-eight-foot mask to be sold at auction to raise money for Learning Landscapes, a University of Colorado program that rebuilds playgrounds in disrepair. Composed of lampworked pieces of crucible-pulled color and a huge bead necklace and headdress, the mask was impressive to say the least. The community aspect of the event was emphasized by having nearly 150 glassblowers rotating through lampworking stations at both Shack Man Studio and Glasscraft to produce the beads for the headdress and necklace. The work for the mask itself was done by Nathan Aweida, Cary Hollenberg, and Adam Graf

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