Zachary N

Zachary N

ZN Stained Glass is just me. All designs are 100% original and mine. Nothing, with the exceptions of the candle holders and boxes, has ever been made twice. I feel it cheapens the art itself. I feel I am doing my part to make this a true art form again... My studio and all the finished windows and projects live in my house. If you are in the Weyers Cave, VA area and would like to check out my work, please contact me to set up an appointment. Contact information can be found on my Facebook.

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ZN Stained Glass: Capturing Creativity

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Think of it this way: you're attempting to capture something that doesn't actually exist. A mythical creature that can change shape, even meaning at any given time; and you're expected to do it, again and again, over and over, til the end of time. Sounds all kinds of easy, right? It's actually about as easy as it sounds. Creativity is the mythical creature, I'm the person that's supposed to capture it. That's my life as an artist. More specifically, a stained glass artist. My love of glass started at a very young age--the exact age doesn't matter--but I know I was short enough to be patted on the top of my curly head by hundreds of people while they called me small boy since I was too painfully shy to introduce myself. I was dragged through hundreds of cathedrals and museums here and abroad. I saw the works of the masters in every gallery but no Picasso or Giacometti or Degas ever related to me the way stained glass did. There was just something about the interaction of the windows with their environment and the way it played with light and its surroundings that made me fall in love. So, how does one capture creativity? Patience is a great starting point. Noticing eve

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