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Here's a great idea for a night in with the ladies...Jennifer Newman, Delphi's Director of Merchandising, recently hosted a Mosaics and Wine night for a few of her friends. It was a fabulous event (all of the ladies are now addicted to making mosaics!) Here's how you can plan a similar experience for your closest friends.

1. Send out invitations. You can use a free service like Evite to send out stylish invitations to your girlfriends. We recommend no more than a dozen people. Ask them to bring an item to mosaic (a flowerpot, a wooden box, a small table, a trivet, etc.)

2. Plan your menu. Snacks and beverages like sangria, beer, salad, artichoke dip, veggies and chocolate covered strawberries are always well-received. Make it a pot luck and ask each lady to bring a food item or beverage.

3. Gather your supplies. You'll need a few pairs of wheeled tile nippers, an assortment of mosaic tiles (glass and ceramic), clear silicone adhesive and colored grout.

4. Set the mood. Use folding tables and disposable table cloths for easy cleanup later. It's also nice to have finished projects on hand (if you've done this before) or mosaic books for inspiration. Fresh flowers also provide for a happy atmosphere and additional inspiration.

5. Provide a little guidance. When the ladies arrive and have enjoyed some snacking and drinks, give a brief tutorial on how to use the wheeled nippers and how to apply the tiles. Watch a video on how to use wheeled tile nippers.

From there, your guests can start on their designs using the books or projects you've provided for inspiration. When finished, ask each guest to choose a grout color to complete the project. You might want to grout the projects yourself after the party, so they have ample time to dry. Your guests can pick up their projects a few days later. Watch a video on using grout colorants.

6. Clean up. This should be quick and easy - just collect the tools and toss the tablecloths!

Jennifer's party was such a success, she is excited to host similar parties in the future. She is even planning to invite her son's Boy Scout troop over to make flowerpots for Mother's Day.

What other mosaic parties can you envision?

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Colette G.  •  March 13, 2017
What would one charge to host parties like this in your area?
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Julie Bedford

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