Delphi Partners with Local Vendor for Premium Display Stands

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Whats behind Delphis new line of Premium Wrought Iron Stands?An American manufacturing company, Professional Metal Works, Inc (PMW). We sit down with Jim Rice of PMW to ask him a few questions about the quality products his company produces.

Delphi: How did your company get started?
Jim Rice: Professional Metal Works, PMW for short, was established in 2000 by Fred Boling who had over 25 years in the metal fabrication industry.Shortly thereafter in 2001 Fred was joined by a partner, Jerry McKenna who had worked with Fred previously and himself had over 25 years of experience in metal fabrication as well.

Delphi: What makes your company unique?
Jim Rice: Both Fred and Jerry capitalized on their experiences and knowledge that their business can be very successful by providing customers what they need and want high quality precision metal fabrications delivered on time and at a fair price.At PMW we take our delivery commitments very seriously and are also extremely responsive to our customers to make sure that they are getting the quality in the parts that they need and expect.

Delphi: Why is it important for companies like Delphi to buy products that are made in the USA?
Pro Metal WorksJim Rice:One of the biggest reasons for a USA company to buy American made products is the superior quality of the parts.Both our employees and our management take great pride in the products we produce and it shows in the appearance and functionality of our parts.In Delphis case, not only is the appearance of the cutting and welding extremely important, so is the appearance of the finish that we apply to the display stands we make.We have worked with Delphi to select powder coating colors and texture that compliment the display stands.Because we are local, the communication process is much easier than it would be if products are made overseas.

Delphi: Delphi Glass is located in Lansing, Michigan and you are located in East Lansing. Being neighbors and fellow Michiganders, please share with us some local likes.
J: Michigan is truly a beautiful place to live!As one who was not only traveled extensively across the United States but have actually lived in 7 states in all four regions of our country, I can say from first-hand experience that Michigan is a Winter Water Wonderland.From the beauty of four seasons to the great natural resources there are always adventures such as boating, skiing - both water and snow, golfing, camping, hunting, sporting events to just plain old sight-seeing.Many people from outside of our state have no idea of all of the great things Michigan has to offer.

D: Thank you Jim for spending your morning with us.
Jim Rice: Thank you.

Delphis executive manager Lisa Parks and mosaic instructor Julie Haan visited the factory first hand to learn how the Premium Stands are made. Watch the Video from their tour.

Pictures from inside the Professional Metal Works facility in East Lansing, MI. Finished project by artist Dona Sarafis.

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