Stained Glass News May 2013 Edition

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Here's our list of 5 Favorite New Items from the May 2013 edition of Stained Glass News, also in this issue Stained Glass News 25th Anniversary Contest winners announced!

Creative Paradise Button Shoes

1. Button Molds from Creative Paradise

What better way to show off your art, than to wear it! These fantastic new molds from Creative Paradise are available in three different styles, Small Round, Large Round, and Square giving you the freedom to create buttons for any apparel in your closet. We love creating glass art and what a bonus when it is practical too!

Spectrum Blue Topaz and Reactive Gems Project2. Getting the Blues can be Great - 2 Exciting New Colors from Spectrum Glass

Expand your creative pallet with the latest hues from our friends at Spectrum Glass! Blue Topaz and Hydrangea Opal bring to life two of our favorite shades from nature, perfect for portraying bright ocean blues and subtle floral hues. These colors are aptly named for the gem stone and flower they represent. Blue Topaz is a copper bearing color, making this an excellent addition to the Reactive Color pallet. Hydrangea Opal is the lightest shade in the System 96 Blue Opal Line. Try these fun new project ideas from System 96 centered around these lovely hues!

Wardell Footed Bowl

3. Footed Bowl Mold by Wardell Products

Put your best foot forward! Glass bowls already add a touch of class to any room. With the Footed Bowl Mold, from Wardell Products, you can bring your projects to the next level and create fused glass bowls with a glass foot. When paired with your favorite draping mold, this unique system allows you to take your project a step above the rest!

4. Powder Vibe by Diamond TechPowder Vibe by Diamond Tech

You are sure to get good vibrations from the Powder Vibe from Diamond Tech. With this innovative tool, recently redesigned by Diamond Tech International, you can quickly and easily apply frits, powders, and enamels in clean lines. Simply push the release button on the side of the pen tool and you are on your way. The magnetic tips allow a secure hold to the pen giving you precision and control when applying lines or dots. Perfect for glass painting, fusing and flameworking, the possibilities are endless!

5. Create realistic looking projects with the latest pattern books by Jean Beaulieu

As stained glass artists, we are drawn to patterns that accurately mimic life. Jean Beaulieu has delivered nothing less. With 3 new pattern books, you are sure to find patterns that catch your fancy!

Dog Breeds 2 : Illustrated Designs of Man's Best Friend - Where would we be without our four-legged companions? Dogs have been by our sides for hundreds of years and what better way to celebrate them than by honoring them in our art. This book features 13 patterns of some of your favorite furry friends. Breeds include: Basset Hound, Corgi, Great Dane, Collie, Doberman Pinscher, and Siberian Husky.

Elegant Boats : Illustrated Designs of Different Boats - Let your art set sail to new levels! With boats from every era, get your feet wet with 14 beautiful patterns of the most iconic nautical design, the boat. Perfect for your favorite seafarer, these designs let you cruise along on your own personal art glass get away. Patterns include: Tugboat, Galleon, Canoes, and Sailboats galore!

Lovely Flowers : Illustrated Designs of Original Flowers - Nothing says classic beauty like flowers. Nature's original knockouts provide vibrant color for our natural landscapes. Bring this beauty into your home with the gorgeous, lifelike patterns in this great collection. Features 15 stunning designs including: Bleeding Heart, Calla Lily, Rose, Daisy, Tulip, Echinacea (Purple Cone Flower) and Sunflower.

Congratulations to the winners of the SGN 25th Anniversary Contest!

The Stained Glass News, in conjunction with Aanraku and Spectrum Glass, challenged the art glass community to bring their creativity to the next level with the SGN 25th Anniversary Contest and the art glass community delivered. Participants created stunning projects showing off a range of styles. We were excited to see all the winners and particularly stoked to see several of Delphi's own customers. A special congratulations to all the winners, Linda Adams, Elyse Lawrence, Susan McGarry, Judy Phillips, Becky Snobeck, and Loarraine Rezendes on a job well done!
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Lorraine Rezendes Elyse Lawrence Susan McGarry
Tea Server
Susan McGarry Susan McGarry Linda Adams
Wooden Box
Becky Snobeck Susan McGarry Judy Phillips
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Pam G.  •  September 18, 2013
I tried to make the cute buttons, but it failed. I put too much glass in the mold and now it is solid in the mold. Please help me to get the solid fused glass out of the mold. Thanks , any help will be appreciated.
Cere Seddon

Cere Seddon

Cere Seddon joined the Delphi team in 2004. She started in the Lansing Creativity Center before taking a yearlong sabbatical to go live in and explore New Zealand. Upon returning, Cere rejoined the Delphi team as part of the Contact Center where she brought her expertise to our International Services program. Recently Cere has joined the merchandising team and maintains many of the wonderful products listed on our website. Cere is no stranger to art glass. She got her start in 2002, when she underwent a yearlong borosilicate lampworking apprenticeship. Cere now enjoys many art glass and jewelry mediums and says that creative passion is something you can never have too much of.