Get the Exact Glass You Need with the Glass Finder Tool at Delphi Glass


You probably already know that Delphi Glass has an amazing selection of glass to buy for your glass art projects. From stained glass to mosaics to fused glass and beyond, you’ll find everything you need here.


But sometimes, your projects will require specific colors, transparencies and thicknesses. Or perhaps you’re just brand loyal and want to buy glass manufactured by Bullseye, Spectrum, Van Gogh, or others. Whatever the case, you can minimize your sleuthing for just the right glass by using the Delphi Glass Glass Finder Tool.


The dropdown menu selections make it easy to choose exactly what you want so you can place your order faster. Find your fusing COE in seconds. New to glass art and not sure what that means? It’s the Coefficient of Expansion that measures the rate of how that glass will expand and contract when it is heated or cooled. You need to make sure your glass is compatible if you’re fusing it together. The main COEs for fusible glass are 90 and 96, but whichever you choose to work with, Delphi Glass offers an incredible selection of colors to work with. Newer glass fusing artists will do best with 96. As always, if you want to learn more about how to build your glass fusing skills, you can join a class at Delphi Glass to really make the most of your glass collection!


The Glass Finder allows you to choose your glass format too. You can choose frit, the crushed glass that’s ideal for casting and fusing projects. Rods are available and ideal for projects that require a torch. Sheets are flat pieces that are best for stained glass and come in small to large sizes. Tiles are ideal for your mosaic projects.


Choose your glass thickness too. Standard is 1/8” or 3mm and works well for copper foil, came, and fusing projects. Thick glass is perfect for your fusing or casting projects because it provides more stability. Thin glass is 2mm and is most commonly used to achieve a layered effect or add design elements to fusing or casting projects.


Our helpful video can show you more about using the Glass Finder. If you have any other questions though, you can always consult our expert glass artists at Delphi Glass in store or via our contact page to get expert advice on your next glass art project.


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Agustn E.  •  June 19, 2020
como puedo pagar mis compras de articulos en euros
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Kameron A.  •  February 18, 2019
The glass finder needs a reset button on it, so I can easily reset for new searches
Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

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