Be Kreative with KraftyBlok!

Summer is a great time to unleash your creativity. It’s also a great time to grab a KraftyBlok or two from Delphi and bring your ideas to life. KraftyBlok is a multifaceted glass block that you can turn into pretty much anything you can dream up. Think of it as a blank canvas in glass block form.
Its smooth and clear surface is the perfect base for mosaics, etching, painting and plenty more. Plus, it has an opening where you can easily add embellishments or even lights to really make your KraftyBlok project shine. You can purchase KraftyBlok stands to display your KraftyBlok creation too.
There are endless possibilities to bring your KraftyBlok project to life on so many levels. Turn it into a piggy bank for your children or grandchildren. Make it into a stunning vase to hold your fresh-cut flowers. Night lights, picture boxes, bookends and more can all be easily made by using a KraftyBlok.
If you still need inspiration, get our free KraftyBlok eBook. There are step-by-step instructions and templates so you can recreate the projects featured in it. This free 48-page eBook brings you ideas for every season too, so you can find some inspiration to make KraftyBlok art year-round.
Since summer time is also known as wedding season, make a special couple you know an engraved vase. You can find the instructions for how to make one of your own on page 15. It’s quick and easy, and the results are simply elegant.
For a cool mosaic pattern, see page 24 for the kaleidoscope lamp. Once your glass has set, you can put a string of white holiday lights inside to light it up and turn it into a lamp that makes a great conversation piece too.
The only limits to what you can create with the KraftyBlok are your own. Break free from your constraints and make art cubed with this fantastic product today. It also makes a great gift for the krafty person in your life. Or why not have a Krafty Party where everyone gets to design their own KraftyBlok?
Share your KraftyBlok creations with Delphi in the artist gallery. Make sure to use the tag “krafty.”

Photo credit: Diamond Tech.
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