Capture the Season in Glass


If you mention Thanksgiving to someone, it almost certainly evokes immediate and specific memories and imagery. The themes surrounding Thanksgiving are often tied to autumn colors, bountiful harvests, the iconic turkey, as well as feelings of gratitude and togetherness. And football, let’s not forget the football (Go team!).

Decorating for the holidays is a wonderful way to slow down, build the sense of anticipation, and honor traditions. Whether you make a special fused glass serving dish, a glass art garland, swag or wreath to dress your home for the occasion, or a unique centerpiece for your table, glass art lends itself to capturing the imagery of the season in a way that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Check out our Pinterest Board to find more examples of art that’s perfect for Thanksgiving, and be sure to share your projects in the Online Artist Gallery. Looking for a free project idea? Try creating your own Indian Corn Fused Dish with our Project Guide.

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Wendy W.  •  June 28, 2020
I am new to fusing and did fine with my first pieces done in a programable kiln. However, my next batch cracked all but one piece. The variables included adding clear glass on top, and changing from to a full fusion from a contour fusion. What do you think I did wrong?
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Mary T.  •  January 29, 2020
Is there a way I can release a mold from the glass I tried to slump. Totally all my fault. Not enough XYP.
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barbara s.  •  October 10, 2019
I have never used re-strip before I'm doing a 18"x13" fairy freeform & it looks like it might need reinforcing on the wings & some other places. Do I need to reinforce?
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Susan L.  •  August 25, 2019
I’m new but have read the burs are from too long a first hold period. Also buy a diamond sponge to file them off. Works great. Good luck !
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Laura G.  •  December 08, 2018
Not sure if this is the place to ask this question. But - HELP. When making snowflakes in the fuse mold they look great, come out easy but are covered in sharp burrs. when I try to remove them I end up breaking the snowflake. HELP