Bullseye Sheets - 90 COE

Unit Size* Price
medium 12" x 12" $17.65 USD
large 16" x 24" $46.95

item: B011351
item: B146451
item: B011350
item: B20643F
item: B2124F
item: B012450
item: B010058
item: B011338
item: B024330
item: B031230
item: B001330
item: B110038
item: B011650
item: B31003G
item: B011630
item: B231230
item: B110151
item: B114030
item: B23113F
item: B2310F
item: B214030
item: B263730
item: B2129F
item: B2302F
item: B20473F
item: B2109F
item: B21373F
item: B110160
item: B21303F
item: B092030
Specially formulated fusible glass is tested for it's COE rating (coefficient of expansion) and is designed specifically for kiln firing. Delphi carries a wide selection of both 90 and 96 COE (coefficient of expansion) fusible glass in a variety of textures and colors.

Delphi Tip: See our Fusing Supplies to find project books, beginner kits, tools and embellishments to fire up your creativity.

Please Note: Never mix 90 and 96 COE glass in a project. It will cause stress and result in your piece breaking. When fusing, fire with one COE if combining glass pieces.