Special Order Bullseye Stained Glass

Unit Size* Price
sheet 20" x 32" $374.15 USD

Standard shipping requires 'sheet' size to be cut into 2 large pieces
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item: B410231
item: B011930
item: B110148
item: B110145
Bullseye Clear Accordion - 90 COE
Starting at $108.75
item: B110530
item: B4437F
Bullseye White Chopstix - 90 COE
Starting at $181.55
item: B020730
item: B4116F
item: B110132
item: B023630
item: B4120F
item: B4211F
item: B4218F
item: B4151F
item: B4152F
item: B4158F
item: B4183F
item: B4172F
item: B144231
item: B034930
item: B4414F
Bullseye Blue Chopstix - 90 COE
Starting at $181.55
item: B4424F
Bullseye Red Chopstix On Clear - 90 COE
Starting at $181.55
Premium Bullseye Glass is handmade in Portland, OR. Delphi offers a huge selection of Bullseye glass for stained glass and fusing. All Bullseye Glass is 90 COE for fusing.