Iridized Classico Mini Tiles - 1 Lb

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Product Features

  • Rounded edges make tiles perfect for students or camps
  • Made from 97% post-consumer glass
  • Color runs through the entire tile for fade resistance
  • Sold in a 16 oz. package

Product Description

Made from 97% post-consumer glass, this tile is great for the environmentally conscious artist. Classico mini tiles feature a glossy iridized surface tiles with rounded edges making them perfect for students or camps. Tile color runs through the entire depth of the tile so it resists fading. Durable tiles rarely crack but can easily be nipped to the size you need.

Tiles measure approximately 5/16" x 5/16" x 1/8" (8mm square); sold in a 1 pound package containing approximately 800 tiles. Covers approximately 78 square inches. 

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