PMC3 Syringe

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Product Features

  • Create 99.9% fine pure silver jewelry without expensive equipment
  • Low-fire formula - Great for firing with glass
  • Use to create filigree and intricate detail work
  • Can be fired with a Hot Pot, hand held torch, SpeedFire Cone or in a kiln

Available Substitutes

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PMC3 Paste
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Product Description

Making Your Own Silver Jewelry is Now Unbelievably Easy!
Silver Jewelry Clay is Easy as 1-2-3! 1) Molds Like Clay 2) Fires Fast 3) 99.9% Fine Silver!

Jewelry clay is a revolutionary way to make fine silver jewelry that is 99% pure silver. PMC (Precious Metal Clay) is a mixture of tiny particles of silver, an organic binding agent and water. This user-friendly clay can molded and worked like clay, then requires firing with either a micro torch, hot pot, SpeedFire Cone or a kiln to burn out the binder. Just shape, dry, fire and polish your project. Then get ready to wear the gorgeous fine silver jewelry of your own design! Compatible with Art Clay Low Fire.

PMC3 has the same characteristics as PMC+ except for having a much lower firing temperature (200 to 350 degrees less). The lower firing temperature makes this clay a great match for fusing with glass.

Use this syringe filled with PMC3 to create filigree and intricate detail work (see pendant below). Can be used with PMC3 Paste (#67016) and Clay (#67012 and #67013) or by itself. 9 grams is post-fire weight. Shrinks about 12% during firing.

Combine metal clay with glass to create a sparkling pendant! Artist: Irina Miech.