Powder Enamel Assortment - 42 Pack

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  • Fires between 1454° - 1508°
  • 42 Transparent and opaque colors each in a 10 gram bag
  • Color matures upon firing
  • Recommended by the UK Guild of Enamelers

Product Description

Create with Milton Bridge Powder Enamels
Add brilliantly colored details to your glass and metal art. Enamels can be sifted on projects, used with stencils or mixed with Klyr Fire #7405A1 and painted on. You can even use them to write and draw on glass! Transparent enamels are approximately 50 mesh. Opaque enamels are approximately 80 mesh. Includes 42 colors, transparent and opaque each in a 10 gram bag.

Enamels mature between 1454° - 1508°. Transparent colors can fire as low as 1408° with some colors ideal maturation at temperatures as high as 1544°. Some experimenting may be required when mixing transparent and opaque colors in the same project. 

Colors Include:

  • Pink Opaque
  • Scarlet Opaque
  • Dark Scarlet Opaque
  • Light Rose Transparent
  • Paprika Transparent
  • Arras Red Opaque
  • Amber Transparent
  • Gold Transparent
  • Light Bronze Transparent
  • Marigold Opaque
  • Dark Bronze Transparent
  • Yellow Transparent
  • Tan Opaque
  • Lime Green Opaque
  • Apple Green Opaque
  • Elf Green Transparent
  • Peridot Green Transparent
  • Fir Green Opaque
  • Jade Opaque
  • Turqoise Transparent
  • Sea Green Opaque
  • Etruscan Blue Opaque
  • Mallard Green Transparent
  • Kingfisher Blue Transparent
  • Powder Blue Opaque
  • Crystal Blue Transparent
  • Sapphire Transparent
  • Riviera Blue Opaque
  • Midnight Blue Transparent
  • Smokey Grey Transparent
  • Steel Blue Opaque
  • Amethyst Transparent
  • Ruby Transparent
  • Brown Transparent
  • Brown Opaque
  • Autumn Brown Transparent
  • Pearl Grey Transparent
  • Silver Grey Opaque
  • Dove Grey Transparent
  • Cream Opaque
  • White Opaque
  • Black Opaque
Note: Colors may vary based on availability.

Safety Note: For your safety wear an approved particulate mask, such as #5159 respirator, while handling powders.

Image shows enamel fired on copper.

Recommended by the UK Guild of Enamelers.

Projects and photos by artist Dawn Lombard.  

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