Royal Bronze / Copper - 90 COE

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Product Features

  • Metallic finish won't burn off during firing
  • 12" x 12" size
  • 90 COE

Product Description

exclusive Add a beautiful metallic luster to your next fused glass project with this Royal Bronze / Copper - 90 COE Royal Glass. The lightly textured surface and subtle pearl luster finish provide a decadent finish that can be layered with other fusible glass to make a bold statement.

All Royal Glass is handmade, so your piece may vary slightly from the photo. Glass has a clear base with a vibrant bronze / copper  metallic finish that won't burn off during firing. You can achieve completely different looks by just changing what you place behind it. Shown above fired on clear (top) and black (bottom). Additional images show unfired on white and on black. Sold in 12" x 12" pieces. 90 COE. A Delphi Exclusive.

The pearlescent color of the Royal Bronze / Copper - 90 COE glass is made from 100 percent nontoxic materials, which remain delicate until fired. For optimum results, do not use harsh cleansers directly on the coated side or submerge the glass in water before firing. To best retain the full richness of color coating, Royal Glass should be capped or fired with the coated side against an opaque base glass. For more tips, view the User Manual in the additional images section.

Fused bowls and platter by artist Roy Kapp. Fused jewelry by artist Kayleigh Clark.

Product Details

    Do not submerge the glass in water.

    Do not use a scrub brush to clean the glass.

    Use a minimum of water when grinding or using a saw and have the coated side facing up on the grinder surface.

    The Royal Glass coating becomes permanent once capped and full fused.

    Suggested Full Fuse Schedule*
    Segment Ramp Temp Hold
    1300F/hr1000F 30 minutes (To allow for the binder to burn off)
    2300F/hr1250F30 minutes (To minimize air bubbles)
    3300F/hr1450F10 minutes
    4Full900F20 minutes (Annealing segment for 90 COE glass)

    *Firing times and temperatures may vary, each kiln is unique.