Wasser Inferno

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  • Good for Fusing - 90 COE
  • Easy to Cut
  • Premium Handmade Glass
  • More Colors Per Sheet

Product Description

Challenge Your Creativity with Wasser Full Sheet Glass
The colors and patterns of this glass will open up a world of options for your fused jewelry and other projects. Combine it with Wasser fusible shapes for fast and amazing designs. The thin, lightweight glass cuts and shapes easily, comes in 12" x 12" sheets, and has a lower firing temperature making it easy to get a full fuse, fast!

The Benefits of Wasser:

  • Wonderful for fusing, bead work, and even foil applications.
  • Lower firing temperature makes it ideal for firing with silver metal clay.
  • Thin width makes it an excellent choice for jewelry.
  • Rich colors and patterns create unforgettable glass art.

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    Product Details

    • General Specifications:
    • Measured "90" Coefficient of Expansion (COE) = 89.7 x 10-1/Co
    • Glass Thickness: 1.6mm (0.063"); Range: 1.5 mm - 1.8 mm (0.059" - 0.07"
    • Glass Weight, nominal: 0.4 gm/cm2 (14 oz/ft2)
    • Sheet Size: Standard glass sheet measure 12 x 12 inches.
    • Firing Temperatures:
    • (~+5ºF and are dependent upon glass color and thickness
    • Softening Point:1240ºF (677ºC)
    • Tack Fuse: 1240ºF (696ºC)Orton std. lg. cone 18 (r/r 108ºF)
    • Full Fuse: 1340ºF (727ºC)Orton std. lg. cone 17 (r/r 108ºF
    • Annealing Temperature: 940ºF (482ºC)
    • Shrinkage Initiation Point:1360ºF (738ºC)
    • Balling Formation Starts: 1450ºF (788ºC)
    • Glass Lost / Shelf Intrusion: 1550ºF (843ºC)
    • Note:
    • Suggested heating rate: 400 degrees/hr
    • Recommended minimum soak time at full fuse temperature: 30 minutes
    • Recommended minimum soak time at annealing temperature: 30 minutes
    • After annealing: suggested cooling rate is 10º/min to 800º(472º), 15º/min to 700º(371ºC)and
    • 20º/min. to room temperature.