Wall Sconce Hardware Kit

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Product Description

Combine artistic elegance and functionality with slumped glass wall sconces. Finish glass art created with stainless steel wall sconces #4270 and #4271. Easy-to-install hardware adjusts in width to fit your glass and gives a professional look to your sconce. Includes hardware bracket frame, socket fixture with ground, 2 washer nuts, 4 reset screws, 1/16" hex key wrench and instructions. Maximum 100w, UL approved socket.

Adjustable hardware has a maximum width of 9" and is 5 1/2" at its smallest. The permanent height of the metal bracket is 7 3/4". The maximum height of the glass is 12".

Artist Michele Drobney created this wall sconce using #X63452 Blackberry Cream OpalArt glass.