Free Fused Hearts For Every Season Project Guide

  • Use tested compatible glass of the same COE in colors of your choice.
  • Basic Glass Cutting and Fusing Tools 
In the project(s) shown we used:
  • Bullseye Petal Pink Opal Thin - 90 COE (B042150)
  • Bullseye Red Striker Transparent Thin - 90 COE (B112250)
  • Bullseye Violet Striker Transparent Thin - 90 COE (B123450)
  • Bullseye Cream Opal Thin- 90 COE (B042050)
  • Bullseye Pink Opal Striker Thin - 90 COE (B030150)
  • Bullseye Dusty Lilac Opal Thin - 90 COE (B030350)
  • Bullseye Steel Jade Opal Thin - 90 COE (B034550)
  • Bullseye Spring Green Transparent Thin - 90 COE (B142650)
Step 1
Step 2
1. Print the heart pattern to the scale of your choice. Cut strips of equal width from each color pairing.
2. Lay the strips in a fun striped pattern.
Step 3
Step 4
3. Position glass strips on template and trace to fit the pattern.
4. Label each piece before removing for easier re-assembly later.
Step 5
Step 6
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each heart. I chose to experiment with strip and gap sizes for different effects.
6. Clean glass pieces to remove markings and oils.  Place your art into the kiln and fire.
Fuse Step
Heart Fuse Schedule
Segment Rate Temperature Hold/Minutes
1 300°F/hr 1000°F 10
2 300°F/hr 1225°F 30
3 300°F/hr 1450°F 10
3 9999 (As fast of possible) 900°F 45
*All kilns are not alike. Your kiln size, controller type, and individual project may require some alteration to the schedule for best results.

Bonus: The provided pattern is meant to be versatile. For a different look, try using the square and circle in place of long strips. This creates a new look clover and flower pattern utilizing the heart shape making it easy to create for St. Patrick's Day and Mother's Day at the same time.
Step 7
Step 8