Free Get The Look Of Blown Glass In Fused Art Project Guide

  • Mimic the look of blown glass with fused art
  • Get custom results using favorite colors

Capture the look of stunning blown glass vessels in your fused art and create a show-stopping centerpiece for any rooms decor. This fun project idea makes use of footed mold systems to get a complex design the easy way.
Click here for basic firing schedules.

  • Footed Mold System
  • Mold Release
  • Tested Compatible Glass Sheets or Pre-Cut Circles
  • Tested Compatible Glass Accents, Chips, Dots or Scrap
  • Kiln and Basic Fusing Tools
  • Prepare all mold parts with mold release following manufacturer instructions. Step #1
  • Fill the foot mold with tested compatible glass. You can make this a single color, or use multiple colors of glass scraps, dots, chips or other accents. Step #2
  • Fire the cast foot using a basic casting schedule or following guidelines provided with your mold system. Step #3
  • Measure the drop ring or draping form for your mold system. Use pre-cut circles to fit, or cut glass sheets to fit. Step #4
  • Decorate your glass circle with fusible dots, chips, fused globs or scrap glass in desired colors. Step #5
  • Fuse your glass circle using a basic full-fuse schedule or following guidelines provided with your mold system. Step #
  • Position your cast foot and fused circle on the prepared mold. Make sure glass pieces are correctly centered. Step #
  • Fire using a basic slumping firing schedule or follow the guidelines provided with your mold system.
    Delphi Tip: Program an alarm in your firing schedule at the end of the top temperature soak. Check your project tot make sure it has formed (draped or dropped) fully. If it isn't complete, extend your firing time. Step #
  • Remove your project from the mold and wash before displaying.
    Note: not all kilns are calibrated the same. If your project isn't fully formed in a single firing, fire again and use a modified schedule. You can increase the top temperature or hold time as needed. Step 9

We paired a clear circle, transparent glass accents and a fluted drop ring and foot mold system to create the vessel shown.
Customize this project to match your décor or to make holiday decorations by using different glass colors.