Free Halloween Glow-In-The-Dark Project Guide

  • Create with color and light! Glass shows radiant color when illuminated
  • Simple shapes are quick and easy to cut

  • Black 10" Pre-cut Circle
  • CBS Glow Pigment
  • Dicro Slide Rainbow
  • Ghost Pre-Cut Assortment 3 Pack
  • Pipers Pattern Paper
  • Fern Green Opal
  • Kelly Green Opal
  • Violet Opal
  • Plum Opal
  • Any Clear
  • Basic Glass Cutting and Fusing Tools
  • 10" Crescent Stand 
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Step 1
Step 2
1. Draw the shapes of the witch's hat and cauldron onto the pattern paper and wisps of smoke on the dichro slide.
2. Cut out the shapes. Peel and stick the pattern paper onto your choice of glass. The colors used in this project are listed in the materials.
Step 3
Step 4
3. Using basic glass tools, cut your glass. The pattern paper makes it easy to get precise lines when grinding smooth your pieces.
Delphi Tip: Cut the entire shape from each accent color. Not only does this make it easier to fit together, it will also create a second set in the opposite color.
4. Layout your design onto the black glass using a small amount of Glastac to keep pieces from shifting.
Step 5
Step 6
5. Tap out the glow powder in the shape of the top of the cauldron. Glow pigment must be capped or encased inside glass layers so it is important to leave enough room for the clear glass to be able to form a seal with the black glass behind.
6. Cover with clear. Remove all excess powder. Delphi Tip: Use a dry paint brush to move the powder more precisely.
Step 7
Step 8
7. Soak the Dicro Slide in warm water for 1 to 2 minutes.
8. With the piece slightly above the desired position, gently slide the paper backing and dicrho apart and onto glass.
Step 9
9. Place your art into the kiln and fire to a medium fuse.
Delphi Tip: Keep a firing log to make it easy to replicate your favorite projects.
*Medium Fuse Schedule:
Segment Rate Temperature Hold/Minutes
1 300°F/hr 1100°F 30
2 300°F/hr 1400°F 5
3 As fast as possible 960°F 30
*All kilns are not alike. Your kiln size, controller type, and individual project may require some alteration to the schedule for best results.
Delphi Tip: To ensure a perfect fit, buy your frame first. Each frame may vary slightly in fit due to manufacturing or finishing. The best way to make sure that your project fits a frame neatly is to purchase the frame first, then adjust the pattern as needed to fit the opening in the frame.