FREE Indian Corn Fused Dish Project Guide

  • Simple shapes are quick and easy to cut
  • Customize the design with your favorite colors
  • Fun fall design can be created with any fusing mold

The brilliant colors of indian corn are ideal for rich, fall designs. Customize this simple project idea with your favorite fall hues and to fit any fusing mold and dress your table for the season.
Finished dish shown by artist Danielle Wagner.
  • Fusing mold
  • Tested compatible fusible glass
  • Basic glass tools and fusing supplies
  • Optional: Tested compatible accessory glass (i.e. Fusible Dots, Frit Balls)
Indian Corn Fused Dish
Design consideration: When glass is full-fused, it will pool to approximately 1/4" (6mm) thick. You can control the size and shape of the fused glass piece by stacking layers of glass to add up to the correct thickness (3 Layers of 2mm glass, or 2 layers of 3mm glass). This will prevent the glass from spreading out or pulling in to achieve this depth.

  1. Trace your fusing mold onto a base layer of glass. Note: Clear glass is used in the project shown.
  2. Cut glass to fit the mold.
  3. Cut glass to make the leaves of the corn husk that will border the colorful kernels. Position on base glass.
  4. Cut strips of glass colors to be used for kernels.
    Delphi Tip: A strip cutter tool can make getting even-sized strips a breeze.
Cut strips and squares
Arrange Squares
  1. Cut strips into rectangles or squares and position on base glass to form the first design layer. Trim pieces as needed to fit between the husk pieces.
    Delphi Tip: Wheeled glass nippers are a fast way to cut glass strips into smaller pieces. If more precision is desired, a cork-backed ruler makes measuring and cutting quick.
  2. Add a second design layer to kernals.
    Note: Get the look of the project shown by using accent glass such as Fusible Dots or Frit Balls.
  3. Cut glass matching the base layer to fit around the ear of corn.
  4. Clean and position all glass pieces on a prepared kiln shelf and fire to a full fuse.
  5. Center the fused glass on the prepared mold. Fire to slump.
Add Accents
Full Fuse
Alternate Design Idea: Create corn kernels using the "Stacked Squares" technique. For more information about getting this look, download the FREE Project Guide.
Stacked Squares Technique
System 96 Stacked Squares Project
Images courtesy of System 96®.