Free Pixel Art Project Guide

  • Customize the design with your favorite colors
  • Simple shapes are quick and easy to cut

  • 8” Square Stand
  • Rainbow Opalescents Glass Pack
  • Fusible Clear Glass
  • Fusible White Opal Glass
  • Cutting System
  • Basic Glass Cutting and Fusing Tools

Delphi Tip: To ensure a perfect fit, buy your frame first. Each frame may vary slightly in fit due to manufacturing or finishing. The best way to make sure that your project fits a frame neatly is to purchase the frame first, then adjust the pattern as needed to fit the opening in the frame.

Step 1
Step 2
1. Cut the base glass to the size of the stand or frame.
2. Using the Ultimate Fuser's Glass Cutting Station, cut the colored glass into 3/4" square pieces.
Step 3
Step 4
3. Arrange the squares randomly or in a pattern that you enjoy on the grid guide.
4. Transfer the pattern to your base glass and adhere in place with Glastac or a similar product that will burn away cleanly when fired.

Step 5
Step 6
5. With your pixel pattern in place, fill the remaining empty space with clear glass. Delphi Tip: Cutting the clear glass as larger shapes helps save time.
6. Place your art into the kiln and fire to a full fuse. Delphi Tip: Keep a firing log to make it easy to replicate your favorite projects.
*Full Fuse Schedule:
Segment Rate Temperature Hold/Minutes
1 300°F/hr 1150°F 10
2 300°F/hr 1450°F 10
3 As fast of possible 900°F 60
*All kilns are not alike. Your kiln size, controller type, and individual project may require some alteration to the schedule for best results.