Free Fingerprint Heart Pendant Project Guide

  • Fast and easy project can be completed in an afternoon
  • Fine silver fingerprint jewelry makes a meaningful gift
  • Follow along with step-by-step instructions
  • Make pendants, bracelet charms, even keychain fobs

Creating a meaningful gift is quick and easy with this keepsake fingerprint pendant. Using metal clay, you can capture detailed impressions of fingerprints to keep loved ones near to your heart always.

Project shown by artist Lanayia Shaw.

Tools and Materials:
  • Silver Metal Clay such as PMC+ or PMC3
  • Basic metal clay tools
  • Alphabet Metal Stamping Set
  • Pattern Cutters
  • Texture Sheets
  • Liver of Sulfur
Fingerprint Silver Pendant
  1. Lightly coat your surface and clay tools with release.
  2. Roll clay out on a texture sheet or a smooth non-stick surface.
    Delphi Tip: Get a uniform thickness by placing stacks of playing cards (4 to 6 cards stacked) under both ends of the clay roller.
  3. Use a 3/4" Pattern Cutter to punch out the pendant shape, or use a craft knife to cut clay to the desired size and shape.
    Note: Metal clay shrinks about 10% during firing.
roll clay
cut shapes
  1. Use alphabet stamps to imprint a name, initials or message into the pendant if desired.
  2. Cut a hole to hang the pendant using 3/16" Pattern Cutters or a small straw.
  3. Gently press a fingerprint into the pendant as desired. If clay has dried too quickly and is too firm to imprint, wrap the clay in cling wrap with a lightly moistened paper towel for a little while to soften.
  4. Use metal clay paste to attach metal clay embellishments or to join additional shapes as desired.
  5. Allow the pendant to dry completely. This can be done by leaving it out for 8-12 hours, or by placing it on a warm surface to speed drying time.
  6. Use metal clay files or fine wet/dry sandpaper to smooth any rough edges and imperfections and to refine shapes.
    Note: Any cracks, bumps or flaws now visible will remain after firing.
imprint fingerprint
file and smooth
  1. Fire according to manufacturer directions. A butane torch was used to fire this project.
  2. Allow to cool or quench in cool water.
  3. Clean and burnish the pendant using a stainless steel wire brush and burnishing tools. A rubber block makes an excellent non-slip surface for polishing.
  4. If you desire a stronger contrast in the design, mix Liver of Sulfur following manufacturer instructions and dip the project until it reaches the desired results.
    Note: Liver of Sulfur has a strong odor. Suspend your project in solution using stainless steel tweezers.
  5. If a higher gloss finish is desired, use a tumbler with stainless steel shot to get a near-mirror finish.
  6. Finish with jump rings and necklace or findings of your choice.
finished with findings