Free Decorative Color Slide Storage Jars Project Guide

  • Create custom home decor
  • Follow along with step-by-step instructions
  • Fast and easy project can be completed in a day
  • Finished project makes a great gift

Adding custom labels to storage jars and more can be fun and easy! Use color slide decal paper to personalize jars with clip art, photos or even children’s artwork. Project created by artist Lanayia Shaw.

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  • Creative Images Color Slide #8303
  • Glass jars of your choice
Step a
1. Select any photo, clip art or image or create a word art label on your computer. Resize and crop the design to fit the scale of your glass jar.
2. Using a color copier or color laser printer load paper according to instructions and print.
3. Allow ink to dry approximately 5 minutes.
4. Cut image to desired size leaving a narrow border.
Step b
Step c
5. Clean jars with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.
6. Soak image in warm water until image starts to slide off the backing.
7. Gently transfer image to the jar, being careful to avoid folding and stretching of your image.
8. Smooth out your color decal with a damp sponge or cloth, starting from the center working your way out to get rid of any air bubbles.
Step d
9. Allow to dry completely, then bake following package instructions.
10. Let cool and enjoy!