FREE Fused Glass Color Puddles Project Guide

  • Create custom glass "gemstones" using this simple technique
  • Use your color puddles for jewelry, hot mosaics and more
  • Turn scrap glass into gorgeous art

Turn your tested compatible scrap glass into incredible fused glass gems. By selecting unique color combinations from vibrant contrasting hues to neutral complementary tones you can capture the look of Fordite, natural agates, malachite, tiger eye and more.
Use the fused color puddles to create beautiful jewelry, hot mosaics and other fun glass art projects. It's simple to make bold art using this simple technique.

Projects shown by artist Danielle Wagner and Lanayia Shaw.

  • Tested compatible fusible glass or scrap
  • optional: dam mold
  • Basic glass tools and fusing supplies
  • Glass and tile nippers
  • optional: Toyo TAP Wheel Cutter and Power Breaker
  1. Select fusible glass in desired colors.
    Note: using high-contrast or reactive colors can make the color transitions really stand out.
  2. Cut pieces to fit into a dam mold, or cut all pieces to a similar size and shape.
  3. Stack glass pieces into prepared dam mold or position in the center of a prepared kiln shelf.
  4. Fire glass to a full fuse to create a glass slab.
cut scrap
use a dam mold
  1. Cut your slab into random shaped pieces.
    Delphi Tip: Use the TAP wheel cutter to score glass and break with the Power Breaker tool to cut large slabs into more managable sizes.
  2. Use glass or tile nippers to finish cutting your slab.
    Delphi Tip: Pieces don't have to all be identically sized, a variety of sizes makes it possible to create coordinating jewelry sets or to fill spaces in your hot mosaic.
cut chunks
use the power breaker
nip pieces
  1. Position the cut chunks of glass on-edge on a prepared kiln shelf.
  2. Fire to a full fuse.
    Note: Tested compatible glass is formulated to tolerate multiple firings at full fuse temperatures with little risk of devitrification.
stand on edge
melt puddles
  1. Clean your glass gems and use them to make fashionable accessories, to create a hot glass mosaic, or to incorporate into a larger fusing project.
glue mosaic
make jewelry