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WENDY DAVIDSON Wendy began doing glasswork in 2014, and enjoys the challenge of working in fine detail to create both small and large pieces.  She designs and creates jewellery, wall hangings, dishes, three dimensional flower arrangements, glass pictures and various other art pieces.  Wendy frequently chooses a new technique to learn, and then invests significant time and effort to develop her skills in order to create unique art pieces. Her latest focus of interest has been the creation of glass art using the designs from traditional painted dot art and the creation of glass art from frit (crushed glass). MURRAY FLEMING After spending 36 years working in the oil patch, Murray retired and discovered a new creative outlet - fused glass.  Throughout his life, Murray has always had an artistic flair.   He is a lover of wood and has designed and built furniture for himself and others.   Murray dappled in pottery for a year, and when he started spending winters in Arizona, he enrolled in a class on fused glass.   He was immediately intrigued with the beauty and flexibility of working with glass.  It provides him with the opportunity to express his creativity through the design and creation of unique art works.   Murray has been combining his woodworking skills with his glass skills to create beautiful pieces.  He believes the strength of wood grounds the delicacy of the glass.  Glass art work by Wendy and Murray can be viewed at
Innovative Glass Designs
Innovative Glass Designs
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